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Seeking a new normal in society: My interview with Milan Homola

My friend Milan Homola talks about his vision for a new normal in society, where communities of faith stop fighting for “brand recognition” and instead come together to care for their neighbors. The non-profit he co-founded more than 10 years ago, Compassion Connect, has initiatives that bring churches together in order to fight human trafficking and offer medical/dental service. 

Please read if you’ve been looking for an impactful way to give back to the people who live around you.

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Focus is ______

I wrote this post with CEOs in mind, but I think much of what I shared applies to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life.

Focus isn’t just about business—it’s about your personal life, and recognizing that neglecting your family and friends for the sake of your business will only ever result in out-sized problems.

It ends with a fill-in-the-blank. So tell me …

Focus is ________ .

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Dear CEO: 3 signs you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ 

Without having passion for the work we do, it’s easy to become sluggish, uninspired and desperate for a change.

But how do we know if we’re in the wrong role, or if our company just needs a little redirection? If you’re a CEO looking to make a change, I invite you to take a look at this blog post. I’ve included some tell-tale signs that you’ve "lost that lovin’ feelin’" as well as some questions to ask in order to help get you back on track.

For all of you who aren’t CEOs, the tell-tale signs aren’t typically that much different (though your solutions will probably will). How did you know you’d lost the spark for your current role? What did you do to get back on the right track?

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The best advice I ever received from a leader

A few months ago I posted about being back from my sabbatical and was overwhelmed by the support I received from this community. This is my first blog on my new site - I will be sharing my experiences and offer insights to fellow leaders. It is important to me that what I post will provide you value and actionable tactics and techniques to help you along your journey of leadership and improvement. 

This first post is about the advice I received from Tom Monahan on the most critical thing a CEO does for their organization. I'm excited to share this journey with you. I would love to hear any of the best advice you've ever received as well. 

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