Highlighting the unsung heroes in leadership

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Launching the first week of September, Have You Met is a blog I’ve started to shed light on leaders who are doing extraordinary things but without much (or any) spotlight.

Far too often the media focuses on leaders who are making the obvious headlines: a billion-dollar valuation! A new private fleet of jets! We focus on these uber successful CEOs and leaders, only to find out months later that who they are as people is actually quite horrifying.

The challenge for my blog—and its chief aim—is to shine a spotlight on the unsung leaders in American leadership. I want to highlight the women and men who haven’t received billion-dollar unicorn valuations, but who are, nonetheless, seeing tremendous business success and pouring it back into the community around them.

I’ve lined up the first seven Have You Met “featured leaders” from among the circle (or through generous referrals), and here are some things I can’t wait to share with you:

  1. The former CEO of the 2016 Olympics shared about how his time as the chief of staff to the mayor of Los Angeles: and how what started as an after-school program turned into a city-wide program to get youth into college.
  2. A two-time CEO talks about what it means to be a “Creative CEO” and use his time and energy toward things that are more focused on community-level impact than pure financial gain.
  3. The CEO of a marketing agency whose focus on diversity helped him land accounts with Nike, Taco Bell and more.

All of these feature stories are on the editing table and will be published twice a month starting the first week of September. I hope you’ll sign up.

But even more importantly, I hope you’ll help me by starting to think about who’s in your circle and nominating a CEO or leader who has made success about people, not just about money. Tell me about leaders who are giving back in ways that can reignite our sense of possibility and remember that no matter where we are in life, we can make a difference.