Focus is ______


In any given day, CEOs are met with a million and one opportunities, many of which amount to nothing more than distractions.

This is why focus is so important.

Without focus, CEOs can quickly get off track in both their professional and personal lives.

Focus looks different for everyone, but here are some high-level thoughts on what focus is for CEOs.

Focus is having a mission statement that isn’t revised every six months.

Focus is having pre-described core values that everyone on staff naturally lives by.

Focus is getting an appealing offer, but turning it down because it strays from the mission.

Focus is equipping and empowering your staff, so they can in turn invest to their staff.

Focus is not thinking you must do everything so it “turns out right.”

Focus is understanding the nature of having human beings on staff, letting them fail and helping them find success next time.

Focus is having hiring criteria that you (and the rest of your staff) hold yourself accountable to.

Focus is supporting frontline managers, making sure they have the tools to train staff well.

Focus is caring for your family first, your business second.

Focus is getting out for a jog and eating food that energizes you.

Focus is prioritizing your mental and spiritual health now, not “saving those luxuries” for retirement.

Focus is taking time to read things that challenge you.

Focus is investing in relationships that are restorative in your life.

Focus is _____________.

Fill in the blank.