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Seeking a new normal in society: My interview with Milan Homola

My friend Milan Homola talks about his vision for a new normal in society, where communities of faith stop fighting for “brand recognition” and instead come together to care for their neighbors. The non-profit he co-founded more than 10 years ago, Compassion Connect, has initiatives that bring churches together in order to fight human trafficking and offer medical/dental service. 

Please read if you’ve been looking for an impactful way to give back to the people who live around you.

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Part 2: Addressing inner identity in leadership and at home

Last week I wrote about a coaching day that I had with Daniel Harkavy, the CEO of Building Champions. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can find the link to that piece here. It illustrates what I think has set Daniel apart during his executive coaching career: his innate ability to see potential in others and empower them to experience inner transformation both as leaders and as human beings.

Today I want to share part of a conversation between Daniel and I, which came about a few weeks after our coaching day at the beach cabin.

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Part 1: Unpacking at the beach

…The next morning you wake up, and after pulling up a chair along with a cup of coffee, your friend hands you a stack of envelopes.

“These are letters,” he says. “They’re letters from your siblings, your wife, your best friend, all talking about how they see you, what they value about you. Why don’t you grab a blanket and read them?”

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Highlighting the unsung heroes in leadership

Launching the first week of September, Have You Met is a blog I’ve started to shed light on leaders who are doing extraordinary things but without much (or any) spotlight.

Far too often the media focuses on leaders who are making the obvious headlines: a billion-dollar valuation! A new private fleet of jets! We focus on these uber successful CEOs and leaders, only to find out months later that who they are as people is actually quite horrifying.

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