There are so many reasons why they say it's lonely being a CEO/Founder. Aside from the responsibility of minding all the in and outs of the business, the greater pressure comes from seeing the magnitude of employees, families, partners, and communities depending on your every move. 

And when you face those moments when the path ahead is a steep climb, or when the critics are getting louder, or when you've realized you made the wrong turn, I know how much the weight compounds and can sometimes paralyze your business.

As an executive who has gone through the gauntlet with brilliant CEOs/Founders over the years, I want to walk along side you if you're facing these kind of headwinds. It's not that you're out of your depth, but you'll need a new set of skills, tools, and perspectives to press on. And it's more than just equipping you as a leader, it's equipping your business to meet you at your level so you can all confidently face the next chapter together.